PatTrick Tutorial


Download PatTrick.
How to install?

Here is description of PatTrick basic functions:

  • Size – the size of cells depending on the image resolution.
  • Alt – alternative way for cells mixing.
  • Step – how far can jump the cell out of default position, depending on the cell size.
  • Short – sets the Step parameter in pixels, useful for Pattern and Line modes.
  • Square/Circle – cell form selection.
  • Mosaic/Pattern/Line/Nightmare/Pixel – different modes of cells calculation.
  • Blur – enables simple motion blur effect for some cells.
  • Break – breaks the cell size into pieces to create glitch effect.
  • Mix – random blending mode for each cell.
  • H-Shift, V-Shift – shifting cell jump direction horizontally and vertically.
  • Red/Green/Blue – channel for horizontal and vertical shifting map.

If you have any questions regarding the filter, please contact me. I would be grateful for feedback.