2018 – Hidden Life of Plants

Parallel worlds exist! And if you can imagine the beginning of the next world, then what’s next – behind the dirty glass of glass in the glass, it’s even hard to fancy. And in which of these worlds shines the true sun?​​​​​​​

Text: Oksana Butuzova.

Images: Sergey Egorov


2018 – Spectral Cities

01 - Vhs Head - Ident

Spectrograms allows to decompose audio records into the audio frequencies along the time axis. For most music files, this decomposition is not very expressive and looks like a chaotic set of bands and spots.
Nevertheless, in the spectrograms of some electronic musicians, we can also see unusual structures. Sometimes I notice even something like architecture and some images looks like the streets of futuristic cities.
For this project, I selected and painted 40 such “architectural” spectrograms from the records of Coil, Gas, Thighpaulsandra, COH, Holger Czukay and other electronic musicians.


Shoshon the Elegant the White Tiger King – 2013 – The School of Noise



Genre: pop/rock/noise

Duration: 00:30:29


01 – Input
02 – The Bicycle Trip
03 – The Airport
04 – The Murka
05 – The Night Highway
06 – The Windy Youth
07 – The Girl of Sixteen
08 – The Snowfall
09 – Kofferdam
10 – The Solar Lodge
11 – The 1074
12 – The Lines, Railings and Bridges
13 – The Flowers of Eyes
14 – The City is Ever Floating

15 – Output



Bonus Tracks:

Pinholeheads – 2014 – Неловкость рук и какое-то мошенничество


“привет, мы головы-пинхолы. у нас нет ни глаз, ни ушей, ни носа, ни рта. мы передвигаемся на ощупь. единственная связь с внешним миром – крошечное отверстие в голове. будущее проникает через него и оседает на стенках черепа. мы не можем отделить одно от другого, цвет от вкуса, звук от запаха. мы ничего не помним. мы постоянно в состоянии аффекта. фотография – это наш пинцет для памяти, фотоколлаж – вилка. мы дилетанты, провинциальные туристы. мы бездумно хватаем все вокруг, в надежде хотя бы что-то сохранить. это наши сувениры, и вам они ничего не скажут. приятного прослушивания.”

Genre: ambient/electronic/noise
Duration: 01:19:16

01 – Вход в туннель разрешен
02 – Гавайский треугольник
03 – Огоньки горят
04 – Путешествие на деревянном коне
05 – Бомбовоз



Bonus Track:

2018 – 1N

In this project, I wanted to illustrate the well-known story from the Google Translate, which is obtained when translating from the Mongolian language repeating series of “а” and some other Cyrillic letters. What happens to the narrator? What happened to his dead friend? With whom does he communicate, with a friend, or with himself, or does someone else communicate with them?
My guesses about the plot I put in the images. Someone will find this text pointless, others can find in it some of their subjects and connections that do not coincide with my interpretation. Probably there is no unambiguous and consistent content here.
In my opinion, this is the story of a man caught in a storm of life. Having lost the sense of existence in a hurricane wind, losing a friend, money, he miraculously got to a quiet place in the center of the storm. A huge spiral is spinning around him, but he is calm, he knows what awaits him.