2018 – 1N

In this project, I wanted to illustrate the well-known story from the Google Translate, which is obtained when translating from the Mongolian language repeating series of “а” and some other Cyrillic letters. What happens to the narrator? What happened to his dead friend? With whom does he communicate, with a friend, or with himself, or does someone else communicate with them?
My guesses about the plot I put in the images. Someone will find this text pointless, others can find in it some of their subjects and connections that do not coincide with my interpretation. Probably there is no unambiguous and consistent content here.
In my opinion, this is the story of a man caught in a storm of life. Having lost the sense of existence in a hurricane wind, losing a friend, money, he miraculously got to a quiet place in the center of the storm. A huge spiral is spinning around him, but he is calm, he knows what awaits him.