2017 – Sequencing

Life in a new place, in my view, is always connected with new habits, with the possibility of at least a little of creating yourself anew. Especially, after the first independent move – from the province to a big city. The new environment makes you think not only about how to cope with everyday affairs, but about your life in general. It should be especially careful in the first days after moving, when any action can become the beginning of a new habit. Each random act in a new place seeks to consolidate itself in a sequence of similar actions.
Working with my graphic filter, creating sequences and patterns, I wanted to illustrate with their help the novel by J. M. Coetzee “Youth”. The novel tells about the life and experiences of a young man who begins an independent life in a big European city.Having chosen the author’s thoughts that were most close to me, I collected them in a small electronic album of 50 pages, accompanied by my photo-illustrations.