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Welcome here. I’m Sergey from St. Petersburg. I love to experiment with new photographic techniques and always looking for something new – from distorting lens converters to digital filters and chemical processing. Here you can find my photo and video projects created with self-made techniques,  descriptions of optical devices, plug-ins and some things of music and text.
Quick tour on the best materials:
Lens Explorations  – examples of using DIY lens.
1N – photo illustrations for the story generated by Google’s neural network.
Sequencing – photo illustrations for the novel by J. M. Coetzee.
Total April – fish-eye shots of collapsing world and flying islands.
Redline – arabic impressions processed with special filter.
Secret Colour – homemade chemical processing for the digital infrared shots.
Spectral Cities – spectrograms of electronic music that looks like futuristic architecure.